Open source CMS for Hugo static websites

Alpha Warning: Hokus is a work in progress. It is ready to use, but more features are coming.

Who Is This For?

For website developers that use Hugo and want to make the content of their static websites easy to edit, all for free and without having to pay for a server.

For content editors that want to manage content of small static websites using a sleek user-friendly interface.

Getting Started

The best way to start is by installing and running Hokus desktop application.

See the README in our GitHub repository to learn the basics.

Download Installer (Linux, Window or Mac)


See our features and understand why Hokus is a great tool for your Hugo websites:

  • Run in your computer.
    Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Free for commercial use.
    Download our installer today and use it for your own commercial purposes.
  • One click installer.
    A breeze to install on your PC.
  • Dozen of ready to use components.
    Crafted to handle many use cases and complex data hierarchy.
  • Clean UI.
    Clearly understand what you are doing without any clutter or confusion.
  • Open Source.
    MIT license. Copy, edit, share, redistribute.
  • Build User Interfaces Easily.
    Just create a small configuration file (JSON, TOML and YAML are supported).

Hokus Preview Video

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